Photo gallery

Speed sharing 1 Speed sharing 2 speed sharing 3 *Certificates and 1-words9804 Certificates and 1-words9805 Certificates and 1-words9806 Certificates and 1-words9807 Certificates and 1-words9809 Certificates and 1-words9810During the 3 days and 2 evenings of the 1st annual EDC Institute, we tried to capture the active and interactive and collaborative nature of the event. Hoping you enjoy this photo gallery!

*a moment of humour *final prep for group presentation *Group 2 presents their case *group conversations *listening intently *More group conversations *senior stream at work Mary and Alison Emma explains  Lunch9762  Photos include work within each of two concurrent streams – Novice and Senior, shared time together over meals and during two evening events, and a few other pics to capture the event from start to finish!Photos were taken with, and shared with permission. 

*Group work9802  Pair_work9751  Use_of_technology9750

Scenario_work9764  *Group work9803  *Pair_work9753

Photo credits:  Emma Bourassa, Alice Cassidy, Lianne Fisher, Luis Guadarrama, Terry Knutson, Alison Jeppesen, Frank Rodgers, Ruth Rodgers. These photos may not be used for any other purpose except to promote activities of the Educational Developers Caucus.

*Outdoor networking_byTerryKnutson *outdoors2by LianneFisher *Ruth and Alice-byFrankRodgers9812

*Conversations9798 *Conversations9796 *breakfast chats *Breakfast9756 *Lunch2 *Lunch3 *Mexican_buffet_lunch9759 Lunch9760

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