Workshops, programs and resources

Co-created by the Novice Stream, 1st Annual EDC Institute, October, 2013

This list originated from our Active Listening activity “What do you offer and what have you heard of?”. Later in the Institute, participants organized the list into the following headings:

We also added the overarching heading of Format, and also decided that Content was also integral (as in, one could have that subset within any of these headings), and finally, that Integration of Technology really ran through everything:


Short-term seminars:

Teach your research; Research your teaching – involves pedagogy and teaching examples

Workshop for engaging PowerPoint – including technology support and active learning

Integration of international students into class, emphasis is on plagiarism, using role play amongst other techniques

Workshops for transitional graduate students and with faculty re: expectations

“Let’s talk teaching”, before term – faculty talk about effective teaching 


Multi-day workshops:

2-day Course Design Institute based on Dee Fink especially outcomes

3-day Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW)

Employee assistance program within a discipline, with flexible pathways

Self-led online workshops


Longer programs:

University Certificate Program for graduate students

Mentorship program for graduate students

Teaching Assistant Program including teaching certificates, intro and advanced with practicum, ISW

Facilitation program within a faculty and connected to practitioners re:  practices

International Educational Training Program – both online and face-to-face

Formative Peer Review of Teaching

Master’s Program re: pedagogy, class management, etc.

Editor and Learning Designer within a department – to help develop materials

Set up hybrid courses within a program, using champions

1-year Faculty development scholarly program that starts with 2-day orientation, has online component and portfolio


Resources (including ways of communicating):

Web conferencing and blogging re:  technology use

Blackboard Learning System – templates for faculty to use

Tools and activities online within a department, translating into another language

Learner support videos

Templates for faculty development


Community of Practice (CoP):

CoPs for research, teaching and learning

Set up ‘contracts’ with faculty to determine key roles


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