…recognized evaluation/ assessment methods…

As a programme coordinator trying to implement best practices in our courses, I have requested that we evaluate our students in a homogeneous way based on recognized evaluation/ assessment methods.  This colleague does not subscribe to these evaluation methods and refuses to adopt them.  What to do?

What do we mean by the term recognized evaluation/assessment methods?

Why does the colleague not subscribe to these evaluation methods?

Why does the programme coordinator assume that a homogeneous evaluation/assessment method is the ‘best practice’? What is the evidence for these methods? The programme coordinator should be sure to be able to explain or back this up, or explore it more so they can.

What methods does the colleague prefer? Why? Are they not valid?

Is it formative or summative or both (it was not formative, the scenario writer added). Would that change your request?

Who are your allies in the department?

We might ask what is meant by ‘good pedagogy’?

Consider ‘fierce’ conversation (note from Alice:  I am not sure exactly what is meant by this; can anyone help out?)


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