instructor seeks consultation but does not implement any changes

A novice & sessional instructor has had it strongly suggested that he/she seek consultation with our centre, which he/she does often, but does not implement any changes.  For example, the instructor wants more interaction/engagement from students in the class but does not shift from using questions as the only ‘active’ learning strategy.

Because I know the department is concerned I work on not feeling more pressure for the instructor to implement changes; however, I worry that this seeps into my interaction when I ask the instructor how he/she might develop ways to increase interaction (the instructor has been exposed to and experienced different active learning strategies).

It might be that instructor is finding emotional/psychological support from the consultation process but not initiating any change.

How does the centre know changes have not been made?

Have the instructor select one strategy to implement. Work one step at a time.

Ask “Which of the changes we’ve talked about do you think would work for your class?” Try to make a ‘contract’ to try it and report back to you (gets them active and continues with emotional response.)

Could you have the instructor sit in on a another instructor’s class (who you have chosen because they do it very well) to see how active learning can work?

What has the centre done this far in working with sessional instructors? A variety of interventions?

Need to assess what the instructor knows and understands about ‘active learning strategies’, and the level of comfort around the strategies. You also need to more about the class – content, size, etc.).


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