..if I put my slides online, does it make it an online course?

A faculty member is told to put her guided independent study course online. She comes for a consultation, but doesn’t appear to listen to anything she is told and keeps saying “so if I put my PowerPoints into the LMS, that will be an online course?” Repeated explanations and examples seem to have no effect. The consultant is frustrated and upset by the end and the faculty member is not persuaded that an online course is anything more than PowerPoints accessible online

Ask about current courses (to understand and respect her work now).

Fear of technology? Ask, “Are you comfortable with technology?” Emphasize that you can provide help and support.

Provide tangible examples of courses where this is done well

Plan to duplicate/achieve online courses.

Is it a question of time (lack of it?)

Adopt an empathetic approach.

Ask, “What is the purpose?”

Provide instructor with time to vent, then move forward.


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