… committee offers no support

Faculty PD needs assessment results presented to committee by new ED. Committee treats it like a thesis defence. Committee offers no support until new ED can prove themselves as competent. What to do next-except want to quit your job!?

Reflect back to the committee. Put the onus of responsibility to identify what they deem PD needs for faculty.

What type of committee is it?

Why is the committee so combative? Are they threatened?

How did that make you feel?

How can I help?

Use ‘active’ strategy to share the results so ED isn’t seen as ‘owning’ them.

Alice’s note: I would ask the committee to give a brief history of how this has worked in the past, and what exactly they mean by competent? I would likely be very familiar with my own job description before I asked these things, and in a neutral way, ask for clarification of any parts of the job that I felt were being ignored, or where I might be being asked to do work ‘above my pay scale’. It is also important to take a breath (hard to do) during a meeting such as this. For example, for the ways that the committee is treating it like a thesis defence, I would take a minute before answering, or I might ask questions back, or I might say that I will get back to them on it.


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