Workshop topics

I customize workshops to meet your group’s needs, be this teachers in K-12 or post-secondary; trainers in community, corporate or other organizations; educational developers and others. Workshops range from 1-3 hours, all day or multi-day. Those in italics have also been facilitated online.

  • Active listening
  • Actively engage your learners
  • Authentic learning through real-life assignments
  • Building a holistic learning environment
  • Communities of practice/learning communities
  •  Community building
  • Community service-learning
  • Concept mapping and other visual tools
  • Course and curriculum design
  • Creativity
  • Ecology in your discipline
  • Evaluation and assessment
  • Grading rubrics
  • Group projects and group work
  • Instructional skills
  • Learning objectives/outcomes/goals
  • Learning portfolios
  • Lesson planning
  • Motivating students
  • Networking
  • Peer Review
  • Presentation basics
  • Problem-based learning
  • Reflection and journaling
  • Scholarship of teaching and learning
  • Students as researchers and scholars  
  • Supporting students to take responsibility for their own learning
  • Sustainability education/leadership
  • Teaching and learning for the heart and mind
  • Team building
  • Use of narrative and story



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