Self-test:  Depending on your discipline and the specific details that students need to memorize and recall, adapt this activity accordingly.

Example 1:  I learned, through a combination of university courses, field practice and private study, how to identify the birds of North America. And, I could fairly accurately open the bird field guide to the place where the ducks, gulls, owls, sparrows, etc. were found. Then I went to Australia. There are groups of birds there that are not in North America:  rollers, bee-eaters, parrots, barbets. For the first few birds I saw in the field, I found myself looking through the fat field guide, page by page, to see what kind of bird I was looking at:  “Oh, that’s a kind of roller!” But, because I was interested and wanted to more quickly find the right pages, I got faster and better. Soon, I could say, “Oh, another bee-eater”, and open the book to the pages of bee-eaters for my final ID.

Example 2:  I am facilitating an interactive workshop for teachers on instructional skills. Each participant will lead a short lesson, incorporating (in this particular model) six elements, then receive various kinds of feedback on it. When I am working one-on-one with the participant, getting their views on how the lesson went and how they used each of the six elements to encourage learning, I sure don’t want to have to have the list in front of me. I need to know those six elements. And of course, they make sense to me, but they were just a list of six items when I first heard of them. I saw the list many times each time I led this workshop, and also practiced and applied the model in my own lessons, until it became second nature.


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