Quick snapper quiz

Quick snapper quiz:  First make sure each student is ready with paper and pencil, and with rows or lines numbered on their page for the number of questions you will ask (no more than 20 is recommended). Call out questions that require easy one-two word answers. Students write down the answer to # 1, # 2 and so on. The idea is that you ask these questions quite quickly. If they don’t know one, they leave it blank so they are ready for next question.  Remember: quickly is the key here. Once finished, you could ask students to fold their paper (with their name on it, or a symbol they will recognize if you prefer) then give it to the person next to them, then the next, then the next (so it is not obvious whose paper is whose).  Now, you could do a number of things, such as: 1) go back through each question and have someone say what they think the answer is (maybe students who got it wrong now see the correct answer on the paper they are ‘marking’), and ask students to write in the correct answer for any that are not correct, or are blank on the paper they are marking; or 2) as you go back through each question you give the answer.  Have students place a right or wrong on the paper they are marking, then pass them back until each student gets their test paper back. Another adaptation is that students do not pass their paper to anyone, but as you go through each question, ask who thinks they have the right answer, and they can self-mark.


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