Mnemonic:  You could suggest this memory tool, usually for remembering things that are ordered, but not always, or have your students come up with their own. One example, to remember the order of musical keys: All good boys deserve fudge (AGBDF). HOMES helps to recall the names of the five great lakes (Heron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior). The order used in taxonomic classification (Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, (Sub-phylum), Class, (Sub-class), Order, Family, Genus, Species) could be recalled by reciting: “Dumb kids playing catch on freeway get squashed.”  Of course NEWS stands for north, east, west, south. I sometimes create a mnemonic of the items I need to remember to buy at the grocery store, or the items to order on my pizza (BOO is one of my favourite:  bacon, onions, olives), but if I also want mushrooms, BOOM it is!)

You can find lots more examples, including my preferred way to recall how many days are in each month using my knuckles, as well as examples organized by academic discipline at


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