Personal Philosophy Statement

Personal Philosophy Statement:   [Sent electronically to students, sometimes even before term has started. Students get credit for this, as one of several ‘in-class assignments’ that over the years has ranged from 3-6% of the grade, and works well to encourage students to attend as many or all classes as possible.]

Consider the following definition of ‘<course name or topic>’: “<provide definition here>”

Write your <Course Name or Topic> Personal Philosophy Statement:  what do you believe to be important about <topic> and why? Don’t think too hard about it; write your first impressions. Aim for about 100 words.

This is intended to be your ‘before’ statement for comparison and reflection later in the course, when you will write your ‘after’ statement.  Keep your own copy, so you can refer to it for the later assignment. You will get credit for completing this assignment (as an in-class assignment) by the deadline.

Email it to me at <my email address> using subject heading <course name> Statement. Include it in the body of the email (not an attachment), starting with your full name and preferred email address at the top, by <deadline>. (I will use your email address to create a list to share with the class.) We will incorporate excerpts of the Statements in selected classes, but unless you choose to share an excerpt from yours, authors will not be identified.


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