Intro Survey

Intro Survey:  [Done out on the first day of class, even before handing out the course syllabus. As a hard copy handout, collected as students complete it. I use the responses to create a Human Bingo icebreaker for next class, and refer to some of the responses to kick off lessons and sections of the course that connect.] You can read more about Human Bingo and download a template at the Human Bingo Icebreaker link.

Do not include your name. This will be returned to you for future use.

Given the following definition of ‘<course name or topic>’:  “<provide definition here>”, respond to these questions:

  1. List one or two topics of interest to you that might fall into the above definition.
  2. What is a topic or issue currently in the media that relates to the above definition?
  3. What are one or two of your favourite outdoor activities?
  4. What are one or two other things that you enjoy in your life?
  5. What is one organization in the community might relate to human ecology?
  6. What do you hope to achieve from taking this course? (besides a high mark of course!)
  7. What will you contribute to this course?
  8. With a simple drawing inside the space below [it is a square of approximately 2” x 2”], illustrate what you are thinking about <topic of course>.]

You can download a version of the survey in Word to use or adapt in your course. I ask for attribution please.  Cassidy_IntroSurvey


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