Thanks to Carol Appleby for these two ideas.

On Common Ground – facilitator reads specific statements and participants stand or sit as appropriate based on their circumstance/beliefs/values  etc….  Great for a new group see who else in the room is like them

Famous Couples – this is an adaptation of an icebreaker I use in my Inclusive Environment classes. Each participant is given the name of one half of a famous couple (ie; Barak / Michelle; Desi/Lucy etc).. They need to find the other half of the couple and introduce themselves to their new colleague/partner.  In my class I will ask the group to identify what the couple is known for and part of their intro would be to discuss something they are known for.  As a large group we begin the discussion around labels, language expectations etc….With faculty, I have modified it but will often have a specific question or statement they will discuss about whatever the topic is (ie: assessment and evaluation, I have asked folks to discuss everything from bell curves to favorite CAT’s…really depends on the group and topic.  The randomness of the couples names ensures the group gets mixed.


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