One-minute paper or ‘muddiest point’

This is a specific example of a one-minute paper, from the classic book, Classroom Assessment Techniques by Pat Cross and Tom Angelo:  Good for receiving feedback on how a particular class went, what students got out of it, and/or, what they are struggling with. A one-minute paper may ask students “what is one thing you learned in class today” and/or “one thing I most want to explore more about is…”. ‘Muddiest point’ may ask “for you, what is the least clear part of today’s class?”. Depending on the size of the class, do not promise to read all of the responses, but say you will look through and see what trends arise. Be sure to address something from these in the next class. This can be a good way to encourage students to come to class on time as well: “I shall address the most common ‘muddiest point’ at the very start of next class.”


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