Connect course material to students’ lives

Examples shared by colleagues taking part in my seminars (names used with permission):

Example 1:  Some basic operations in Math are  Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide

Connecting them to our real lives we can forthrightly say:

We can Add – Good values to our lives

We can Subtract – Vices and Negatives

We can Multiply – Friends, family and good deeds

We can Divide – our mistakes into hours/minutes and strive to eradicate them one at a time.

Comparing numbers: You know we use the age old technique of explaining the class – the greater than sign denotes how the alligator ate the bigger guy while the lesser than < sign says the li’l guys are safe.

Explaining in real context: An alligator wouldn’t be satisfied with tiny fish in the sea, hence hunts does down huge ones” > ”

Place Value System in society:  Just as we have 5 groups of place value system – we can associate the segments in our society based on our income levels.

Low, Middle, Upper Middle, High and then the Skyward segment.

Rashmi Dabral, Mathematics Instructor, Dallas County Community College, Eastfield Mesquite, Texas