‘Go outside and learn’/ Inside Out / Bring the outside world into your class and vice versa

In June 2015, I am leading a session at STLHE in Vancouver called Go outside and learn. Here is a link to the conference website description.  There is an associated handout for the session; see below.

In June, 2013, Alan Wright and I co-led a session by this name at the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education conference, held at Cape Breton University, Nova Scotia.

In November, 2013, I led a related session (via Internet) at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

The material posted here is for everyone to use. Do you have something to add? Let me know.

Handouts you can modify for your own use:

Cassidy_Go outside and learn_STLHE2015_HO

Cassidy_1st outdoor class handout

Cassidy_ed dev session_outdoor ideas

Check out these other related links on my website:

More examples from courses I have taught – including Biol. 345, an ecology course for non-science majors, and an integrated science course that focussed on observations of the natural world

In-class activities, many of which can be used in any discipline or level, including some that connect to Inside Out

Flexible assignments that formed part of the course grade, many are connected to going outside, making connections, and aspects of sustainability and being pro-active – go to my University Teaching page https://cassidyinview.wordpress.com/universityteaching/ then scroll to the bottom.

Resource Repository for Sustainability Education and Leadership – do you want to introduce or enhance some aspect of sustainbility into your course? Check out the 400+ resources in this project that was funded by the Educational Developers Caucus and that was co-created by students working with me.

Sample activities and materials from a 2.5 day workshop on sustainability in higher ed

Customized seminars – face-to-face or online, for your group of teachers, your students, or community members


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