Overview for teachers, trainers and educational developers

There is a variety of places on my website where you will find various kinds of information, including how to contact me, the clients for whom I have worked, and some of the most popular areas on my website:

Note:  Many links include templates that you can download and use or adapt. I ask for attribution and would also appreciate an email to tell me how you found them helpful, and of course anything of your own you are happy to share.

Publications:  See Cassidy. Living document, related to Active Teaching and Learning. There are over 50 examples, many with web links, based on a number of seminars I have led to different audiences. Also check out By topic for something you are working on or otherwise interested in.

Resources by topic: Explore by topic, such as Active Learning, Appreciative Inquiry, Assessment, Concept Maps, Flexible Learning, Helping students via faculty-librarian collaborations. More coming soon.

In-class Activities:  A drop-down menu helps you navigate from broad areas to specific examples. Many of these give you a ‘how to’ guide and more information that provided in some of my seminars.

Workshops and seminars:  Here you will see some specific examples of sessions I have led in the past, and a list of the kinds of topics on which I can custom-design for your group.


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