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Alice Cassidy, Ph.D.
In View Educational Development


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  1. Joanna Miller says:

    Dear Dr. Cassidy,
    I read with interest the information about your upcoming seminar on student engagement online, along with your essay on portfolios as final assignments. (I am now considering ditching my final exam and going to portfolios!)
    I’m writing today because I am a doctoral candidate at California State University, Northridge in Educational Policy and Leadership Studies and am writing my dissertation on Online Course Characteristics that Engage Students and Encourage Completion. I would love to attend or buy the transcript for your upcoming May 3 Faculty Focus seminar on engagement, but funds are limited. I am wondering whether there is any way that you would make the archive available to me, or your other writings on student engagement, with the assumption that I would cite in my dissertation? I know it’s probably not correct to assume use and citation before having completely read a work, but having read just the teaser on the engagement seminar along with your portfolio piece, I am certain that I will take a lot away from this seminar that I would use in my dissertation literature review.
    Thank you very much for your consideration.
    Best regards,
    Joanna Miller

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