Sustainability refereed journals

Organized by discipline:

Sustainability and Environmental Education

Australian Journal of Environmental Education

An international journal which publishes papers and reports on all aspects of environmental education. It presents information and argument which stimulates debate about educational strategies that enhance the kinds of awareness, understanding and actions which will promote environmental and social justice.

Canadian Journal of Environmental Education

Seeks to further the study and practice of environmental education by providing a thoughtful forum for researchers, scholars, practitioners, and post-secondary students. The publication and distribution of articles and reviews should contribute to Canadian thought and practice in environmental education and/or issues and practices of international importance to this field of study.

Environmental Education Research

An international journal which publishes papers and reports on all aspects of environmental education. The purpose of the journal is to help advance understanding of environmental and sustainability education through a focus on papers reporting research and development activities.

International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education

The first scholarly publication to specifically address the need for the dissemination of information on sustainability matters at higher education institutions. Thanks to its scope and contents, this journal is interesting to people working in the academic sector, as well as practitioners, consultants, and professional writers.

International Journal of Sustainable Engineering

Predicated on the need for engineers to have access to a source of information and an opportunity to share, through publication, new ideas and solutions for sustainable development. Researchers from both academia and industry are invited to submit papers on their recent research into problems related to reducing the environmental impacts of engineered systems, processes and products.

Journal of Education for Sustainable Development

An an international journal for academics and practitioners to share and critique innovations in thinking and practice in the field of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). The journal seeks articles from environmental education, which pioneered much of the work in ESD, as well as from economics, communications, education, social sciences and the humanities.

Journal of Environmental Education

Based on recent research in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, details how to present environmental issues and how to evaluate programs already in place. University researchers, park and recreation administrators, and teachers from the United States and abroad provide new analyses of the instruction, theory, methods, and practices of environmental communication and education.

Journal of Sustainability Education

Serves as a forum for academics and practitioners to share, critique, and promote research, practices, and initiatives that foster the integration of economic, ecological, and social-cultural dimensions of sustainability within formal and non-formal educational contexts.

Mother Pelican – A Journal of Sustainable Human Development

A journal of solidarity and sustainability: Previously unpublished articles on the dual issues of solidarity and sustainability are invited.

Southern African Journal of Environmental Education

An international journal that aims to publish and report on a wide range of aspects relating to Environmental Education, Ethics, and Action in southern Africa and elsewhere. The journal provides a forum for researchers, scholars, practitioners, and policy makers.

Sustainability (Open Access Journal)

An international and cross-disciplinary scholarly, open access journal of environmental, cultural, economic and social sustainability of human beings, which provides an advanced forum for studies related to sustainability and sustainable development. It publishes reviews, regular research papers, communications and short notes, and there is no restriction on the length of the papers.

Sustainability: The Journal of Record

Speaks to the needs and interests of the rapidly growing community of professionals committed to advancing one of the major imperatives of this young century — preservation and sustainability of global resources. The Journal documents the implementation of sustainability programs in higher education and business, and provides the central forum for academic institutions, the business community, foundations, government agencies, and leaders of green-collar endeavors to share and learn about one another’s progress and programs such that collaborations among all stakeholders can be fostered. 

Education Leadership and Policy

Higher Education Policy

Provides a vehicle of the highest quality for institutional leadership, scholars, practitioners and administrators at all levels of higher education to have access to, keep abreast of, and contribute to, the most advanced analyses available in this domain. It combines academic excellence with a participation of the world community of higher education, as is appropriate for a publication of IAU, a worldwide organisation of universities with UNESCO support.

Journal of Leadership Studies

Publishes leadership research and theoretical contributions that bridge the gap between scholarship and practice and that exemplify critical inquiry into contemporary organizational issues and paradigms. The journal promotes interdisciplinary and interorganizational theory, fostering dialogue that transcends industry specific contexts and that explores leadership’s role in improving organizational practices and human life.

Educational Development, SoTL, Teaching and Learning Centres

Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The official, trans-disciplinary, electronic publication of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

The journal seeks to advance the scholarship of teaching and learning in Canadian post-secondary institutions. It therefore provides an avenue for a wide range of educators, including faculty members, administrators, academic librarians, educational developers, learning resource specialists, and graduate students, to discuss ways of enhancing student learning experiences through systematic inquiry into teaching and learning in all disciplines.

International Journal for Academic Development

The journal of the International Consortium for Educational Development. The purpose of the journal is to enable academic/educational developers in higher education across the world to exchange ideas about practice and extend the theory of educational development, with the goal of improving the quality of higher education internationally.

Broader Teaching and Learning Journals

Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement

The mission is to advance theory and practice related to all forms of outreach and engagement between higher education institutions and communities. This includes highlighting innovative endeavors; critically examining emerging issues, trends, challenges, and opportunities; and reporting on studies of impact in the areas of public service, outreach, engagement, extension, engaged research, community-based research, community-based participatory research, action research, public scholarship, service-learning, and community service.

Journal of Philosophy of Education

Publishes articles representing a wide variety of philosophical traditions. They vary from examination of fundamental philosophical issues in their connection with education, to detailed critical engagement with current educational practice or policy from a philosophical point of view.

Journal of Transformative Education

Focused on advancing the understanding, practice, and experience of transformative education. The Journal offers articles that test, build on, and elaborate existing theoretical perspectives; demonstrate innovative and creative applications of the theory in practice; and explore the international and cross-cultural issues of the theory and practice of transformative learning.

Transformative Dialogues:  Teaching and Learning e-journal

The mission is “Reflecting and sharing our teaching and learning processes to improve learning for our students and ourselves.”


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