Resource Repository for Sustainability Education and Leadership

Overview and Authors:

Note:  if you look back up to the tabs, there is a drop-down menu that links to each section of this Repository. Though the project was started in 2013, it is very much a living document, with more added all the time, so come back often!

Summary coordinated by Alice Cassidy, In View Educational Development, Victoria, British Columbia (BC), Canada

The Repository before you is the key outcome of a 2012 grant from the Educational Developers Caucus (EDC) of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education as a resource repository for sustainability education and leadership. Team members on the EDC grant included Alice Cassidy as project coordinator; Yona Sipos, Doctoral Candidate, University of British Columbia and Braydon Walker, 3rd year undergraduate student, Engineering, Carleton University.

The repository builds on some earlier sets of material and ongoing contributions of a large number of people:

  • Research and reference searches conducted by the original designers of the SEI:  Sarah Nyrose, Yona Sipos, and Alice Cassidy as well as Angela Willock who co-facilitated the SEI in 2010
  • Contributions from alumni of the 2009 and 2010 Sustainability Education Intensive (SEI) at the University of British Columbia.
  • Responses to requests sent to members of the POD (Professional and Organizational Development), STLHE (Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education), Managing for Sustainability Discussion and EDC (Educational Developers Caucus) listservs
  • Contributions from participants of Why did the sustainability educator/leader cross the boundary? To walk the talk with learners presented at STLHE, 2012. Montreal, Quebec. (Cassidy, Sipos, Nyrose, co-authors)
  • Material collected and presented during Who? Us? What can EDs do about the really big issues: global warming and sustainability? Presented at EDC, 2013, (Neal, Macpherson, Cassidy, co-authors)
  • Material from other conference sessions at STLHE and EDC by Cassidy and colleagues (Sipos, Nyrose, Neal, Neill, Macpherson)
  • Material collected through other conversations with colleagues
  • Contents of Annotated Bibliography of Books on Sustainability in Higher Ed, Compiled by Jean MacGregor, Kim McNamara, and Natalie Pyrooz posted to the website of Rebecca Chamberlain, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington.

See full list of contributors at the end of the Repository.

Use these materials to help further your own not-for-profit work. Please cite the repository in the following way:

[Cassidy, Alice, Yona Sipos and Braydon Walker © 2019 Resource Repository for Sustainability Education and Leadership, Educational Developers Caucus, Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education]

Please let us know when and how you use or adapt these materials so that we can track all the ways they are being used. Also, do you have additional material to contribute? Or find a broken link? Please email alicecas(at)telus(dot)net

Overview of Materials

Description of Materials

This online Repository is a compilation of publications, journals, other written materials, descriptions of programs, and other resources relevant to sustainability education and leadership.

These materials are freely available to EDC and other members of the teaching and learning, scholarship of teaching and learning, and educational development communities.

The Resource Repository will help:

  • Faculty, graduate students, and others who teach
  • Educational developers
  • Directors and associate directors of teaching support centres and senior administrators

The resources are arranged alphabetically, with descriptions and links, as available. The resources are organized into the following sections, which in time you can click on here to find, or by going to the appropriate drop-down menu in the tabs on this website:

  • Programs
  • Organizations
  • Refereed Journals, related to:
    • Sustainability and Environmental Education
    • Education Leadership and Policy
    • Educational Development, SoTL, Teaching and Learning Centres
    • Broader Teaching and Learning Journals
    • Publications
      • Journal Articles
      • Books
      • Other Resources
  • Peer-reviewed Conference Sessions

How to use these materials

You can access the resources you need in a number of different ways. For example:

  • Search within a specific section via the drop-down menus to find increasingly finer detail
  • Search for a specific topic or theme
  • Peruse all the resources within each section to see what looks relevant (there are over 400 in total!)

PC or Mac?

If you use a Windows PC, you can push ‘control + F’, or ‘command + F’

If you use a Mac to open the search bar on the top right of the file. Here you can type any words or phrases and it will show you everywhere that word or phrase appears in this document.

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