Reflective conference closing activity

Feel free to use or adapt this activity for a conference or other teaching and learning event. I would appreciate attribution:  Cassidy, A. (2009). Reflective conference closing activity. In View Educational Development.

I was invited to lead a reflective closing at the 2009 UBC Learning Conference. Below are each of the three parts to the 20-minute closing noting the interactive techniques:

  1. You walk out of the conference and sometime, it might be later today, or it might be tomorrow or in the more distant future. You tell someone you were at the 2009 UBC Learning Conference.

“Oh, how was it?” they ask you, and you say, it was ___________”.

(Fill in the blank with one word (or two, if you must).   Please call out as a word comes to you.

  1. What was something from today that made you curious? a session, plenary, or conversation: raised a question for you, or motivated you to explore something in more detail.

Think pair share (asking for the sharing examples from various places in the audience)

  1. What is one thing you will do now (or do differently) as a result of taking part in today’s conference?

Snowball technique, with half-sheets of paper available. Any snowballs not read out were collected, typed up and posted to the conference website.