Lecture alternatives: Four strategies to engage students

This Magna Online Seminar took place live on December 13, 2012.

Purchase the CD and print materials at http://www.magnapubs.com/catalog/lecture-alternatives-four-strategies-to-engage-students/?utm_source=cheetah&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=E4%20for%2012%2F13%20TP%20MOS 

This 60-minute seminar will help shift your perspective on your role in the classroom and give you the confidence to try new techniques to improve student performance—all without redesigning your courses or rewriting your syllabi. Think tweaks, not transformations.

No, it’s not too good to be true. You really don’t have to totally revamp your courses to get better results. Small changes can make a big impact, and simply breaking up the monotony of daily lectures can make the lectures themselves more successful when you do deliver them.

Find out how you can improve your current courses and inspire your students right away in Lecture Alternatives: Four Strategies to Engage StudentsIn just one hour, you will learn strategies to:

  • Turn readings into active-learning tools
  • Incorporate student reflections and feedback into course materials
  • Derive whole-class learning opportunities by using questions in a variety of ways
  • Leverage student presentations, field trips, and other class activities to improve learning and course satisfaction



About cassidyinview

I am an educator, facilitator, writer, editor, photographer and biologist. I design and lead customized workshops, courses, and programming in the areas of teaching and learning, professional development, science education and natural history, especially ornithology.
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